Current Members of West African Transportation Safety Association (WATSA)

The West African Transportation Safety Association   [WATSA] aims to contribute to an efficient, effective and safe transport system. The current members are:
  Amalagamated Transport and General Workers Union (ATGWU)
  Ghana Haulage Transport Owners Association (GHATOA)
  Association des jeunes commerçants et transporteurs du Burkina Faso (AJCTB)
  Association des professionnels des voyages et du tourisme au Burkina Faso (APVTB)
  Association Béninoise du Droit Maritime et des Transports (ABDMT)
  Syndicat burkinabè des importateurs et vendeurs de motos et motocyclettes
  Gambia Public Transport Corporation
  Association des entreprises de transport ouest-africaines
  Syndicat National des Conducteurs de Taxi-Ville du Togo
  Port Truckers Association of Liberia
  Syndicat des Conducteurs des Camions de Vidanges du Togo
  Organisation des transporteurs routiers de pouytenga
  Sustainable Gambia Public Transport Corporation
  Syndicat des Transporteurs Togolais d'Hydrocarbures
  Transparancy International Benin
  Association des chauffeurs de camion du Bénin
  Association des importateurs et distributeurs de pneus du Bénin
  Syndicat national des transporteurs routiers voyageurs du Burkina
  Passengers Rights Protection Association of Burkina Faso (PRPABF)
  Organisation Malienne de réduction des accidents de la route (OMRAR)
  Section des Compagnies des Cars Inter-Etats de la FESYTRAT
  Association des chauffeurs de taxi du Bénin (ACTB)
  Ghana Truck Drivers Association (GTDS)
  Sociétés de transports d'hydrocarbures de Guinée (SOTRAHYD)

The Infrastructure sector consumes huge public funds, but complex road and other transport projects are generally seen as a 'no go area' for CSO' and the citizens. Access to information remains limited often due to the centralised management of these projects. Weak citizen participation opens the way to potential corruption, inefficient use of the funds and poor service delivery.

WATSA was formed to empower citizens in West Africa to participate fully in governance of the transport through collective civil society action.

Prioritising Roads

Transport in West Africa includes, rail, water and air, but road is by far the dominant transport mode in the country, carrying over 95 pecent of passenger and freight traffic. Both the National Development Plan and West Africa Vision 2040 have prioritised road transport.

Despite substantial investment over the past decade, the ongoing increase in traffic significantly exceeeds the expansion of the road network. Maintenance is also inadequate, leading to deterioration of existing roads, and road safety is a serious and growing concern.

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